Are you overwhelmed by the array of programs available to assist you with your online venture?

  • How do you know which programs offer value?
  • How do you know which are a good fit for you and your venture?

So many programs, so many decisions, so little time!

I am often asked about the resources I use to further Live Your Retirement Dream. Having investigated and invested in many programs, I always look for the best solutions on the market.

To help you make your decisions, below are my current resources and I recommend checking out each of these tools.

Many of my friends have created successful retirement dream businesses upon just one of these products.

I HIGHLY recommend these resources. They will save you thousands of dollars and eons of time. Please don’t waste valuable dollars and time reinventing the wheel!

This page is updated, as new valuable products become available.

For full disclosure, I have invested in all of these programs and value them highly. A few of these links below contain an affiliate link, meaning I may receive a commission, if you decide to purchase. However, none of the cost of these programs has been increased to compensate me.

Two of these programs so valuable and necessary for anyone beginning a new venture for their “Second Adulthood”, I invested in further training to become a Certified Consultant, enabling me to consult in depth on product creation, positioning, promotions and platform building.

My heartfelt appeal to you is do not waste your money and time, by plunging ahead with your venture, until you understand the New Marketing and how to use it to benefit you and your future.



Don’t struggle and become overwhelmed investigating a mass of web resources.

Download this report and benefit from my knowledge. I have done the struggling for you!

Website Creation Workshop

If you are having challenges creating an effective website, check out this excellent program. Christina Hills has developed a easy to understand program showing you how to build your own effective site. Could you use this program as a basis for a venture building sites for others?

Marketing Roadmap

Shows you how to create a solid foundation for your business by providing all the steps you need to set off on the right path. Get your first steps wrong, everything goes awry. Investment in this program will pay for itself over and over again. It comes very highly recommended.

Make, Market, Launch It 2.0

Tells you everything you need to know to create a product – physical, digital, coaching, membership or whatever is in your dreams.Created by Pam Hendrickson, creator of Tony Robbins programs, you learn from the best of the best.

Author, Expert Marketing Machines

How do you create a platform to position and promote yourself or your product? Check out Author, Expert, Marketing Machines.

Video Traffic Academy

Understanding video is essential for any online marketing today. Video Traffic Academy simply and rapidly takes you up the learning curve of video creation.

Podcaster’s Paradise

Podcasting is one of the best ways to get your message out to the World. Podcaster’s Paradise shows you how to podcast. John Lee Dumas’ Podcasters Paradise takes the mystery out of the technology, giving you the confidence to speak with authority.

Webinar Jam

Webinars, as with Podcasts are an effective way of sending your message to wide audiences. Have you tried to review the various webinar platforms with their pros and cons? Webinar Jam is very reasonably priced compared with many and takes advantage of Google Hangouts-On-Air. It is well worth investigating.


Invaluable Screen Capture Software only for Mac. Very reasonable and simple to use – highly recommended.


Another great Screen Capture Software. The Mac version is very similar to Screenflow, whereas the PC version, Camtasia Studio has many more features.


Top Gun Consulting Toolkit

Mastering the art of presenting and closing offers and deals – the end point and purpose of your business!

Generating Passive Income, Using Your Current Knowledge, Wisdom and Skills Enabling You To Live Your Retirement Dream

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