Where Are You Now? – The Complete Package

As you have reached this page, you have decided one day, you want to Live Your Retirement Dream.

You have realized you want to take charge of your life and create your future and not rely on increasingly unpredictable and  unreliable sources of income, such as stocks and pensions.

You want to create a solid base on which to build your future.

You want to know “Where You Are Now” with all aspects of your life.

You have knowledge, wisdom and skills, which you could monetize and which would benefit others, but how do you turn your knowledge into income?

You wonder about your health and your relationships and how these will impact your future.

Welcome to “Where Are You Now”, a seven module course, which gives you the confidence to build a solid base and take your next steps to Live Your Retirement Dream.

You have the options to invest in the whole course at a deep discount or buy each module separately.

To access each module separately, click the individual “Buy” buttons further down the page.

To invest in and build your solid base to your dream future, at this deep discount, click the button below to access the entire course – video, audio, transcript and actions guides.

Module 1 – Introduction

This introduction to “Where Are You Now” gives you an overview of the Why, What and Wherefore of Living Your Retirement Dream.

Why creating your future gives you the most secure route to your future.

Wise Old Abe Lincoln said it – “The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create It”.

Who will argue with Wise Abe?

Learn the Why, What and Wherefore of moving into your later years with financial freedom and peace of mind.

Module 2 – Where Are You Now With Your Finances

The Money Module!

Use your Net Worth and Cash Flow patterns to make a good estimate of how long you will be able to finance your retirement life.

Estimate the future cash flows you will need to live your ultimate, wildest life of your retirement dream and a more restrained life style.

May as well let your imagination rip and have some fun!

This module is rich with information and practical planning and much, much more.

Don’t miss this module, if you want to Live Your Retirement Dream!

Module 3 – Where Are You Now With Your Mindset

Are you asking yourself “can I do this?”

Are you wondering if this is all a foolish dream?

Should you stay cosy and warm in your comfort zone?

Perhaps you don’t really want the comfort and peace of mind that comes with financial freedom?

This module encourages you to examine your mindset, your self-limiting beliefs, your self-limiting visions and doubts.

This module puts your fears to rest.

After all, the only difference between “I can” and “I can’t” is the letter “t”.

Are you going to let the letter “t” stop you from living your retirement dream?

Module 4 – Where Are You Now With Your Knowledge?

Did you know you have a Trump Card ?

Your passport to financial freedom and “Living The Dream” is the knowledge, wisdom and skills you have accumulated and stored in your brain over your life time.

Why would you leave this rich Mother Lode of Knowledge rumbling around in your brain, when it could benefit others and generate active and eventually passive income for your later years?

Module 4 shows you how to decide of your many skills – for you will have more than one – will   benefit others and  provide you with income to Live Your Retirement Dream.

Remember Zig Ziglar’s Wise Words – “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help other people get what they want”.

Module 5 – Where Are You Now With Health?

Over 40 years as a physician, I have witnessed amazing advances in medical care.

I have seen our lifespans and quality of life increase by 15 – 20 years which will continue increasing in the coming decades.

Will you be a centenarian and still living independently?

Be prepared – it is increasingly likely.

But this means you will need to generate enough passive income to see your through your Bonus Years.

This module – in two sections – takes a look at where we have been and where we are going with our personal health and health care – the good and the “not so good”.

Module 6 – Where Are You Now With Relationships?

As you age, your relationships will have an increasing influence on your life.

What relationships will you forge with your primary partner, your family – all generations, your friends and your support network?

Sadly, you may find yourself thrown unexpectedly into that scary world of change, suddenly find yourself alone.

What relationships will support you at these tough times?

This module helps you to think about your relationships in the coming years and how you can nurture your relationships and be a support for your family and friends when they need you.

It isn’t all gloomy, but your relationships and health are so  very important as you age.

Module 7 – Next Steps – Coming soon!

Generating Passive Income, Using Your Current Knowledge, Wisdom and Skills Enabling You To Live Your Retirement Dream

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