Bucket List

Shelley Perry's Photo

I Love This Photo!


A good friend of mine, Shelley Perry, took this photograph.

It is wonderful for its composition, colour, clarity.

Yes, Shelley is an excellent photographer,

but this photo is pure serendipity.

Passing in a car, Shelley saw this scene – no set up, no staging – just there!

She jumped out, snapped the shot and moved on.

Chance, plus a professional and alert eye, resulted in a great shot.

But does this photograph make you ponder –

“Is This My Retirement Dream?”

“Is This How I Want To Live Out My Later Years?”


And –

“If This Is Not What I Wish For My Future, What Do I Want?”


In your list of “Wants or Needs” –

  • Do You Have A Bucket List?
  • Do You Have A Book Or Project In Your Soul, Which You Wish To Bring To Fruition?
  • When Is This Book Or Project Scheduled To Be Completed?
  • Is Spending More Time With Your Grand-Children Or Family On Your Bucket List?
  • If, Like Me, Your Family Is Scattered Across The Planet, Will You Have The Funds To Visit Them Or Help Finance Their Visits To You, As You Age?

Do You Have Dreams, Goals and Plans You Long To Fulfill,

But Life Gets In The Way

And Often Your Dreams Fall By The Wayside,


older person younger person - what happened?

This Terry Pratchett quote and photo from LoudMeYell.com says it all.

Wouldn’t You Agree That Inside Every Older Person

Is A Young Person Wondering What Happened?

Your Bucket List Is A Vital Part Of Your Future .

The Message Is “Start Planning Today”


I certainly identify with “What Happened?”

Now that “It’s Happened”,  my Bucket List is getting a ton of attention! 

  • What Is On Your Bucket List?
  • What Bucket List Items Have Your Fulfilled?
  • What Bucket List Item Have You Fulfilled Which Would Be Of Interest Or Value To Others?
  • Do You Know How To Plan Your Bucket List?
  • Have You Started Making Firm Plans To Tick Off Your Bucket List Items?

Is Travel On Your Bucket List?



 If you have visited the same areas as I have, what were your impressions?

What are your memories?

If you have been to destinations, you think we would love – where are they?

Tell us of your adventures?

If you are planning an adventure, do you have a question I can answer? 


Travel is number one on the Bucket List of Baby Boomers who are planning their retirement.

 If you wish to travel, why not earn income as you wend your way to the exotic places on your Retirement Dream list?

We all can hone our writing and photography skills, so why wouldn’t you plan to make your travel pay for itself?

Here is one of my Bucket List destinations – Varansi, India, which has been on my Bucket List for years’

I ticked it off in 2014, but immediately put it back on again for a revisit!

In an earlier blog, I mentioned how sad I am that my father died with regrets. His last few years were ones of “I wish”.

Bryan Perkins, Cairo, Pyramids, 1941


My Dad is on second camel from the left. The photo was taken in  1942 before his capture by Rommel’s Forces in the North African Desert.

“I wish I had taken your Mum to Africa to show her The Pyramids and where I was in The War”.

“I wish we had gone to Italy to the beautiful hill top castle, where I was a Prisoner of War”.

Don’t let regret be your destiny!

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