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OK - it's the week for Back To The Future comments, but my kids watched this movie so many times, I feel it is part of my heritage!

I couldn't resist doing my own, especially as I am in Beverley Hills, California ​and close to the movie studios and many of the films locations.

How many of you remember the movie Back To The Future?

This past week on Oct 21st 2015 was the day Marty McFly and Doc arrived Back To The Future from 1985. So far, there have been no sightings of them in Anyville, USA. 

It's hard to believe the movie is 30 years old. This week, the media have been full of Back To The Future predictions which have come true - the hoverboard, video conferencing, tablet computers and many more.

But can you remember what life was like back in 1985? Here’s a quick review.

First some high tech 1985 -

Sony had just introduced a new technology, the Sony Discman, which began the demise of tapes. Who uses a Discman today - its gone the way of the Dodo.

The first Nintendo appeared, the beginning of the gaming revolution.

Nokia introduced the first mobile phone - it weighed 11 lbs - very mobile!!

In 1985, the Mac Computer was considered to be the master of technological design, weighing 16.5 lbs, with 128K of memory and the revolutionary feature of drop-down menus, windows and icons, but the Commodore 64 was the popular The Home Computer.

In the United States, the average price for a home $75,500, Average Income per year $22,100.00 Average Monthly Rent $375.00 Average Price for a new car - $9,005.00.

Mikhail Gorbachev became leader of the Soviet Union - the Wall was still standing. Reagan and Gorbechev met for the first time.

Seem like another age to you? It certainly does to me.

Do what will be our lives 30 years in the future in 2045? The youngest baby boomer born in 1964 will be 81!

Hopefully, yours truly will still be chugging along at 98,

Where do you think we will be in 2045 ?

What dreams will you have fulfilled?

I’d love to hear your predictions.

October 9th 2015 - Dr Sue Ferreira - Retirement Alchemist

Frock Off - Living Undisguised

After a busy couple of months in August and September with travel, speaking, I am finally back home and back into the groove.

On Oct 9th, my good friend, Jo Dibblee is launching her biography - Frock Off - Living Undisguised - The Freedom Edition. 

Click Here -​

With parents tormented by secrets, guilt, and shame, Jo Dibblee quickly learned to protect herself. Faced with her parents’ alcoholism, drug abuse, and depression, along with the sexual assault and stalking of an “upstanding” foster parent, Jo began, early in life, to use a coping strategy she now calls frocking.”​

Frock Off

is not only Jo's memoir; it is also written in memory of a little girl who was murdered by my assaulter. Susan Duff, lost her life at the hands of a sexual predator when she was only twelve years old.
As Jo relates - "In the times of my life, when I was frocking up, Susan was my guiding angel. I carry her picture with me, always. For over thirty-five years, I was a key witness for the RCMP in the murder case and lived ‘disguised’ out of fear and necessity. Frocks protected me, but they also ruled my life"

All proceeds of her book launch go to "Little Warriors", child victims of sexual abuse and to "Because I Am A Girl" empowering girls in developing countries around the globe.

Please help the Little Warriors and Because I Am A Girl and be inspired by Jo's story.

Click Here -​

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to one and all in Canada!​

5th September 2015 - Dr Sue Ferreira - The Retirement Alchemist

The Inspirational Power Of Video

One of my recent posts was entitled "Harping On About Video, Again!", because once again, I was "harping on about video again!"

Now, here I go again!

Our World is changing so very fast, yet when I speak and coach, sadly I find many are unaware of this ongoing rapid change, which is affecting many areas, across our planet.

Are you taking advantage of these changes?​

How will you benefit from these revolutions?

How will you use them to create your future?​

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29th August 2015 - Dr Sue Ferreira - The Retirement Alchemist

Ode To Summer - Paddler's Inn

This Summer was so glorious on the West Coast of Canada, I took some time off to live my retirement dream, with my kayaking pals. 

For months, we have been waking up to clear, blue skies and glorious long days, not bad for the Wet Coast, for Pacific Rain Forest.

So, for the last couple of weeks, with everyone away and life slowing down, I took time away from Live Your Retirement Dream to Live My Retirement Dream.

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31st July 2015 - Dr Sue Ferreira - The Retirement Alchemist

Harping On About Video Again​

Why do I keep harping about the importance of video?

Because if you aren’t using video to further your retirement dreams, by making added income with your knowledge, wisdom and skills, simply and plainly said, your retirement dream ain’t going to happen.

Do you have a convincing, converting video on the landing page of your website?

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18th July 2015 - Dr Sue Ferreira - The Retirement Alchemist

A Simple Tip From Me To You -

At the time of recording this video, the average pension for a teacher or a nurse, after a life time in their profession is around $40,000 a year in Canada and the US, which provides an income of $3,333.00 a month, which is worth $1.6 million, if you live 40 years after the age of 60 - an increasingly likely scenario!

If you don’t have a pension - say you are a small business owner and want to retire at 60 and live on $40,000 a year - at the age of 60, will you have $1,6 million available to you in some form or other - savings, passive income etc to draw upon?

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4th July 2015 - Dr Sue Ferreira - The Retirement Alchemist

Fingers Crossed, No Stuff Happens

Happy Independence Day to all my family and friends in the United States - have a wonderful day!

A couple of ​days ago, I read this article from Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper and you know I fret and worry about you all, but do you have a plan, if - and hopefully only if - your retirement starts much earlier than you had planned?

Fingers crossed, no stuff happens but life has a habit of throwing us curve balls from The Universe.

Here is the link to the Globe and Mail article​. It is worth reading.

If you don't have any plans for "The Unexpected", click the Schedule Now button on on the bottom right of this page and book a time for you to have your free - absolutely no obligation - chat with me to discuss the options you have for generating added income for your later years.

Leave a comment below on your opinion of the article -​

28th June - Dr Sue Ferreira - The Retirement Alchemist

Would You Sign Up For Immortality?

png, immortality, indiana jones

Would you sign up for the Immortality Plan?

In my past few posts, I have been talking about our longevity and showcasing amazing women, who are achieving amazing athletic and intellectual feats in their nineties and into their one hundreds.

I am not being sexist in showcasing these women, for at this age, there are very few men still alive and kicking.

Indeed at the moment, if you are closing in on your first century, the ratio of women to men is 5:1, so dating sites like "Plenty of Fish" for this age group should be renamed "Paucity of Fish".

I created "Live Your Retirement Dream" for two main reasons - our increasing longevity and ​the concerns so many have about running out of money before they run out of life.

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20th June 2015 – Dr Sue Ferreira – The Retirement Alchemist

How will you celebrate your 100th Birthday?

photo, Ida Keeling, runner

How will you celebrate your 100th Birthday?

Good question!  Don’t intend to be here? Think again!
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16th June 2015 – Dr Sue Ferreira – The Retirement Alchemist

Rank Your Retirement Readiness

Graph, International survey, Planning for retirement



Are you one of the 10%, who might be able to retire?

Aegon, a large, multinational life insurance, pensions and asset management company, headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands recently released a multinational survey, Ranking Your Retirement Readiness.  

We are now a global community and retirement readiness – or a lack of – is not a local or national challenge. It spans our globe and this is the first survey I have found, which polls an international community of 15 nations.

The survey is very informative but what screams at you from the above pie chart is only 13% of those surveyed have a written strategy for their retirement years, which to me, means only 13%, or approximately 1 in 10, will retire in the classic, old-fashioned way.

Are you in this 10%?

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