About Sue

Who is Dr Sue Ferreira MD?

The retirement alchemist, creator of “Live Your Retirement Dream”.

Why Am I So Passionate About “Live Your Retirement Dream”?

“My Why”

This brief biography, About Sue, tells the story of after over 35 years of marriage and practice as a physician, Dr Sue Ferreira transformed her life and became The Retirement Alchemist and creator of Live Your Retirement Dream after experienced a “Grey Divorce”, heading into her retirement years.

Life throws us all curve balls, and whether the curve ball is a divorce, the loss of a significant other, a financial loss, loss of a home from foreclosure or any other life altering event, perhaps you can identify with feeling of being very alone, anxious and facing a grey, misty and uncertain future.

A year after her divorce, with her life just about back on track, whilst watching the US Congress turn down the Troubled Asset Relief Program on September 29th 2008, and knowing the stock markets would free fall the next day, Sue was viscerally and emotionally engulfed with a vision of the millions of decent, hard-working innocent folk, who would lose their investments, jobs and homes and have their retirement dreams destroyed.

Have you had a life-altering moment, which you remember with stark clarity, when your life changed direction?

Sue’s life changing moment came that day, when to her eternal surprise, Sue decided to create a flexible, effective system to show you it is possible to reinvent yourself, recover from any hit and still Live Your Retirement Dream.

Her passion has not abated and “Live Your Retirement Dream” has become the “Life of Her Retirement Dream”, as she helps you realize your dreams.

Since her unexpected changed of direction, Sue has reinvented herself, built a business and for the first time in her life is living life on her terms – all this after the age of 60 years.

This is not a “Brag Statement”, but an encouragement that –

You can do this too!

“Live Your Retirement Dream” was designed for you!

If you want to reinvent your future and live your retirement dream, using your knowledge and skills, find someone, just like me, who has recently achieved what you wish to achieve, is still actively mentoring others and showing them how to Live Their Retirement Dream.

Sue Ferreira lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where she is eternally grateful for her wonderful circle of friends.

She is the proud mother of three adults, who will always be “her kids” and are scattered across the planet, in Alberta, Canada; New York and The Netherlands, giving her plenty of opportunity for her primary passion of Travel.

Her other passions include Travel Writing, Photography, Videography, Kayaking, Hiking, Sailing, Music and Waking Up Each Day, as she is keenly aware “This Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal” and it is wise to Carpé Diem.

Generating Passive Income, Using Your Current Knowledge, Wisdom and Skills Enabling You To Live Your Retirement Dream

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