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Worried you might run out of money before you run out of life?

Have you taken financial hits since the financial meltdown of 2008?

Do you ache to travel to the exotic locations on your Bucket List?

Long to live your later years with financial freedom and peace of mind?

Want to generate added income for your later years but don’t know how to start?

Watch the video and learn how to use your knowledge, wisdom and skills to generate added income and live your retirement dream with financial freedom and peace of mind.

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How To Live Your Retirement Dream

When planning for your future, do you…

  • Visit Gypsy Rose at the fairground to have your fortune read from your palm?
  • See your future in the arrangement of the tea leaves in your cup?
  • Analyze your dreams for portents?
  • Read your horoscope religiously?
  • Place faith in your tarot cards?
  • Think you can predict the stock market?
  • Rely on that tantalizing crystal ball to reveal your future?

When thinking about your future, do you…

  • Want to be confident of achieving your goals and desires?
  • Long to feel the peace of mind, which comes with financial freedom?
  • Know how much added income you will need to live your retirement dream?
  • Feel sad your later years may fall short of your dreams?
  • Want to leave a legacy for your children and grand-children?
  • Have a dream in your soul which you long to accomplish and know “it is now or never”?
Learn How To Create Your Future

Today, the single greatest source of wealth is between your ears.
- Brian Tracy

Start today and learn how to...

Transform your knowledge and skills to benefit others and create income allowing you to live your retirement dream. The sooner you begin creating your future, the sooner you will be Living Your Retirement Dream.

80,000,000 baby boomers in the Western World already admit they have insufficient funds to see them through their anticipated life span.

Do you want to be one of them?

Do you want to live out your later years worried about affording food and paying your electricity bills?

You are worth more than this.

This may well be your fate, if you procrastinate and do not take control of your destiny to create your future.

Wouldn’t you prefer to live your later years with financial freedom and peace of mind?

This is not being alarmist!

This information is everywhere on the web and in the media.

This is Old News!

The “New” News is you can reinvent your life, create your future and Live Your Retirement Dream.

To put it another way - this instant, you have two choices -

Option 1

Join this gentleman, put your head firmly in the sand, ignore reality and with fingers crossed, hope your life turns out to be rosy.

Option 2

Take charge of your destiny, create your future and walk on the sand, into the sunset to Live Your Retirement Dream.

Not to labour the point, but who would you prefer to be 20 years from now?

The choice is yours.

Live Your Retirement Dream has three entry levels

Entry Level One

    Where Are You Now?

    Is For You, If ---

    • If You Only Have A Vague Idea Of The Life Of Your Retirement Dream
    • Your Retirement Plans Are Forming In Your Head, But You Cannot See, Feel, Smell And Truly Live Your Dream Life In Your Head.
    • You Do Not Know Your Net Worth Or Your Cash Flow Patterns.
    • You Do Not Know How Long You Can Live On Your Net Worth At Your Current Cash Flows.
    • You Have Not Estimated Your Net Worth Or Cash Flows, 10 or 20 Years From Now.
    • You Have Not Taken Into Account That You May Live To Be 100 Year Old - Or Older!!
    “Where Are You Now” With Your Finances, Your Mindset, Your Knowledge, Your Health And Relationships Kick Starts You To Living Your Retirement Dream And Builds A Solid Pedestal On Which To Base Your Plans And Create Your Golden Life For Your Golden Years.

Entry Level Two

    Coming soon - Program currently available through coaching, please email for more information -

    Create Your Future

    Is For You, If ---

  • Your knowledge, skills and talents are pent up, rumbling around in your brain and you know you need to release them for the benefit of others.
  • You already use your marketable knowledge, skills and talents, yet want to take them to the next level.
  • You have an existing business and know you can increase your cash flows by extending your marketing reach.
  • You are presenting your knowledge and skills “one-to-one”, yet know more would benefit by broadcasting them “one-to-many”.
  • If you know the web can help you spread your message to a wide audience, but you want the techy stuff done for you.
  • You are suffering from overwhelm, want to simplify your life, increase passive income, slow down and smell those roses.
  • You want to leave a legacy for your children and grand-children.
  • You do not want to die with your music still in you.
Level #2 shows you how to launch your knowledge, wisdom and skills from one to one to the multitude. Get it right the first time and save thousands of dollars and years of wasted time, by lining all your ducks in a row with branding, website, social media, video etc. This program puts you firmly on the path to Living Your Retirement Dream.

Entry Level Three

    Coming soon - Program currently available through coaching, please email for more information -

    Live Your Dream

    Is For You, If ---

  • You have a business up and running and generating income, but you know you have more to give and more who need your message.
  • You know one day, you wish to slow down to smell those roses and want to roll your business over into generating passive income, enabling you to grow and smell the roses.
  • You have thought about who you will become in 20 - 40 years, and realize you need to create your future, both lifestyle and financial, to accommodate who you will become as the "You Of The Future".
  • You want to to put your life and business on steroids and really make a difference to the World.
  • You want to be a "Person of Influence", start a movement and generate a tribe of raving fans, who will further spread your message to over 6 billion human souls.
Level #3 builds you a marketing platform, using ebook creation, video creation, audio articles, podcasting, webinars, live casting and public speaking to position you as the expert in your field, locally, nationally or internationally. You can choose to take your future to the stars, if you wish.
The content in these programs provides the Road Map to Live Your Retirement Dream. However, if you decide you do not want to Live Your Retirement Dream, you have the option of a 30 day, no-quibble, money-back guarantee.

“Live Your Retirement Dream” is committed to having you Live Your Retirement Dream.

The program is infinitely flexible and customization is available on request - for further information please email –

“Live Your Retirement Dream” is not a get-rich-quick-scheme!

If you want a million dollars in your bank account by next Tuesday, this program is not for you.
There are plenty of get-rich-quick-schemes on the web – this is not one of them!

What others are saying about Live Your Retirement Dream...

Cathy Scott Niche Women Tours

A huge thank you to Susan Ferreira for her fantastic video workshop for dummies! 2 hours and I came away knowing I can do it. Sue has amazing knowledge and is such a fantastic resource for us! I highly recommend taking some of her training. I will be back!

Cathy Scott – Niche Women’s Tours

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 8.24.32 AM

Sue has videotaped me twice. This second time was my first fused glass workshop and my first workshop for children ages 8-12. Sue's passion for her work, curiosity and positive energy was felt by everyone. Sue quickly became part of the group and within minutes was another enthusiastic student to me. Thank you Sue for helping me to just be myself in front of the camera and making everyone in the room comfortable. What a great experience!

Susan Isaac – ShardsGlass

Lisa Tinney Head Shot

I met Sue at a networking meeting, where she spoke of how she helps people access their knowledge for income. She has quickly become my go-to-gal for just about every part of my business and personal growth. Her understanding of everything from big picture to small detail, from scientific to spiritual, from technical to conceptual has helped me and my business profoundly in the few short months I have known her.

Lisa Tinney –

Frances Litman Head Shot

Susan Ferreira is one of the most enthusiastic professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude and “let’s get it done” approach is truly inspiring and a real gift to anyone wanting to have a project done right and on time. She puts everyone quickly at ease, knows how to take the right approach to any subject, has a great eye and provides technical solutions and engaging results.

Frances Litman -Master of Photographic Arts (MPA)

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 8.20.18 AM

Sue Ferreira knows creating a effective professional video involves more than just turning on the camera. She creates a relaxed atmosphere, making you comfortable in front of the camera, allowing you to reveal your true essence and the heart of the message you wish to give to the World.

Angela Thurston –

Video Testimonials...

Jo Dibblee –
Cheryl Relf –
This program is not for you, if —
  • You have a history of procrastination.
  • You have challenges completing projects.
Live Your Retirement Dream is for you and you will be successful, if -
  • You can make decisions
  • You act on your decisions
  • You follow through and complete tasks.