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Susan Isaac
Shards Glass Studio

Sue Ferreira and I bonded with a huge belly laugh, while she was videotaping me. My metamorphosis from caterpillar fused glass artist, unsure business woman and terrified techie person to butterfly owner of Shards Glass Studio has been a powerful transformative journey. We started with the ‘techie bits’ as Sue calls them. I breathed into a lot of big paper bags this past winter. I didn’t even know what a Facebook ‘like’ meant!
Underneath the ‘techie bits’ Sue was weaving her magic by teaching me how to change my mindset, create a personal mantra, deeply trust my inner wisdom, recognize my true talents and ‘feel’ my goals, every day, every day!
If you want to create deep emotional roots that will ground your business dreams for life then Sue is the coach for you. And the best part of all, Sue believed in me every day, every day, well before I started believing in myself.

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